It is specifically because I am a creation of nature’s god, that I am impelled to notice the following of humanity:

1. No two people are alike in physicality, intellect, or cognitive disposition.

2. Insofar as physicality, intellect, and cognitive disposition are concerned; there is no uniformity among ethnic groups, races, nationalities, sexualities, or genders.

Holding, in deference to empirical knowledge and underlying libertarian conviction, that the two aforementioned observations are true by any intellectually honest standard, that any civil state of contract or civil right should duly be withheld on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, or ethnicity; is strictly untenable.

To deny access to such civil institutions as marriage, on the basis of any of the aforementioned identifying factors, is unethical, immoral, and contradictory to the libertarian principles many purport that our nation was founded upon.