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Legal disclaimer, out the way, let’s get to it!
Anyone who knows me, and has read this blog, knows that I am a fan of PipesandCigars.com. Their service is top shelf, their prices are great, and the staff there has taken time out of their day to personally contact me both about orders I’ve made and blends I’d like to see made. I’m a simple guy, and I appreciate vendors that can communicate concisely and clearly about the status of any business I have with them.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of the content in the P&C blog “Talking Tobacco.” I personally believe that if you’re going to immerse yourself in a hobby or vocation, you have to read and reach out to others with similar interests. Even casual pipe smokers should benefit from the wealth of information available in online blogs, as they seek to sort through the mind boggling selection of tobacco and pipes currently available to them.

A few weeks ago, “Talking Tobacco” started a blind review contest, where one of their writers smokes and reviews a tobacco without knowing what it is. The guinea pig for this contest is a man by the name of Jack, who comes with a fascinating bio. When “cognitive neuroscience” is listed as a field of study “Just to say…I did it”, you’ve caught my attention, and his reviews don’t disappoint. His writing is concise, easy to understand, and not labored by the tendency to get insanely specific like most cigar reviewers you see splattered across the web.

His demeanor and tone is easily to relate to, and that’s a great thing for readers… because the other part of this is, that if you’re the first reader to guess correctly, you win a tin of whatever he’s smoking that week and whatever rolls over from previous weeks if there is no winner! It just so happens to be that I was the first to guess this past week’s review as being of Cornell & Diehl’s “After Hours”.

Knowing P&C, after receiving my information today, I’ll likely have a nice little package in my mailbox by Monday, or perhaps even Saturday. Whatever magical dust they’ve sprinkled around their shipping department, I want some!

If you spend a lot of time online as I do, pondering why there’s absolutely nothing of interest with the entire world at your fingertips, check out this contest. It’s simple, it’s fun, and who can really turn down a chance at winning tobacco?