I took the time to do some blog housekeeping today, and I decided to delete the political comments I had previously published. OP&P had been left to languish for a while, as other things needed my attention more. As I revisit what I’ve done, and consider what I’m going to do in the future, I’ve come to the decision that I’d rather leave politics out of it. In general, I am tired of politics, and it seems that our country is in the midst of an ever-expanding divide between two pervasive political ideologies. I find a lack of intellectual and personal growth to be systemic in the way that the political discourse is going, and I don’t want to burden one passion with the pitfalls of another. I may still revisit some political concepts in future posts, but I will do so with an aim to present an original view or work something out in a logical and reasonable manner, instead of allowing my blog and my general optimism to be weighted down by the angst inherent to current political discourse.