The little I know, from research and experience…

To blend or not to blend:

Dark Virginia Leaf – Fertile soil thriving, fire-cured, floral characteristic tobacco, the body and strength making a sound base for many potential blends

Light Virginia Leaf – Grown in the sandy, weaker, less nutrient enriched soils throughout the Appalachians; fire/flue-cured with a more aromatic attribute

Turkish Leaf – think Ottoman empire, from across the Middle East and parts of Africa, this leafy sun cured aromatic holds a very low nicotine level and mild flavor

Cyprian Latakia – produced in Cyprus and cured over a stone pine or oak wood fire, which gives it an intense smokey-peppery taste and smell normally too strong for the tastes of most people to smoke straight but like the above tobaccos, designed to mix for many “blenders”, my favorite being:

Squadron Leader

Clearly, my choice, an earned blend…

To the host, thanks for the opportunity to present my perspective.  For this and my future posts here in Of Pipes and Patriots, enlightenment, contemplative attitude, and a mindfulness welcome.

As always,more to come!