Life is a funny thing. Constantly evolving, life is never the same from one day to the next. One morning you wake up to find life is like a lamb, innocent and predisposed to being consumed by wolves. The next morning you wake to realize you’ve become the wolf preying on the innocence of those around you. Tragedy and heartbreak have a way of coloring our world view until we can’t determine our own independent awareness from the cesspool of depravity we immerse ourselves in.

I would love to declare that I remain unsoiled by the world around me. Alas! I must readily admit that my experiences in life have jaded my world view and obscured whatever innocence remains captive within me. I have become the man that the world decided I should become, and left behind a mere shadow of the man I always wanted to be.  I led myself to believe in resolute and majestic change, ignoring the opportunities for minor adjustments to my own self awareness. I’ve come to believe that life is much like smoking a pipe. Repeatedly charring, lighting, and tampering, the end result must be molded into whatever it is you wish it to be. Ignorance is akin to puffing mindlessly. Eventually you realize you’ve scalded your tongue to a point where you cannot taste or smell anything around you, and by then it’s too late to correct whatever error led you there.